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About Us

Our mission

The craftsman's studio space has a special atmosphere.
There is quiet conversation going between the craftsman and the object piece.
When we get into the space, it feels like yoga studio or meditation room.
The crafted piece is fruits of their quiet conversation.
We honor to the craftsmen who deeply connect to themself and the objects they create.
Our mission is to introduce and deliver those objects made by the craftsmen in Japan and another Asian country to someone who suppose to own.


DIA craftsmen is founded by Takuro Amemeiya and Ikumi Amemiya on 2023.
Takuro & Ikumi have been worked as a designer for companies and craftsmen producing crafted Mulberry tea, organic baby wear, Japanese paper (washi) and Aizome (indigo dye).
As we understand the client's craftsmanships, we started to think to meet more craftsmen in Japan and Asia, and introduce it to whole world.