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Cat&Dog Basket
Cat&Dog Basket
Cat&Dog Basket
Cat&Dog Basket
Cat&Dog Basket
Cat&Dog Basket
Cat&Dog Basket
Cat&Dog Basket

Cat&Dog Basket




This delicate & beautiful handmade dog basket is manufactured by craftsman living in Teganan village & Kabupaten Karangasem, East Bali, Indonesia.
Our baskets are woven using Atta grass which is grown in Bali without pesticides in whole process.

The making process:
Cultivate the Atta grass.
Harvest the grass, take off the leaves.
Dry the stem, and sprit the stem evenly.
Weave. (takes about 1to 2 month)
Dry about 7 days.
Wait till the colour turns yellow.
Smoke with coconut shell and wood for 3 days.

This is a long process to make, and only few artisan can weave this large size basket.
No pesticides and chemical use in whole process, so that it is safe to use for your dog & cat.

No cushion is included, so please find any comfortable cushion or blanket when you use for your dogs & cat.

[A STORY how it is designed]
We designed this dog bed for our dog. When we were considering to welcome a dog, we searched the dog bed that we want to use at our living room, but we did not find any that we want. We wanted a piece well crafted & beautiful as interior piece.
And we remember the beautiful atta baskets we saw in Bali, Indonesia.
We contacted our friend Saeko in Bali and send her a design, and after few month, this beautiful bed is created. We are happy to share this beautiful basket with you.

Atta grass from Bali, Indonesia.

Bali, Indonesia.         

・Small W450×D400mm×H170mm
・Medium W550×D490mm×H200mm
The photo with dog is medium size .The model dog is Shiba Dog 8kg.

Rub with a dry cloth,
or wash it with a neutral detergent and water, rinse enough, and dry completely.
Please avoid direct sunlight.
Do not leave soaking in water.

Since it is the natural piece, those products are subject to slight variations in colour, shape and size.